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Individual Solutions

Our classes are taught by the industry’s best instructors who are proven experts in their field, certified in their class topic, and have taught for many years. More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience working for leading companies​​
Our Instructors

Group Classes​​

Select our group classes and learn how to speak a foreign language in a small group setting. Trained, predominantly native language instructors, with extensive classroom teaching experience will help you to immerse fully in the language of your choice.
Group classes are ideal for students of all levels and proficiency who like to be in a small group environment and learn in a fast, fun and interactive way

  • Small class size - 100% more speaking time than in a group class of 12-15 students
  • Lots of interaction
  • Classes offered 7 days a week
  • Cost effective group classes - Textbook rental​​

Create your own Language Class

If you couldn't find a scheduled class in which you are interested, use this form to create

your own language class. If all possible, Bary Institute may schedule a requested language
class once at least 10 students have requested it.
Please note that for our popular classes it may take 3-4 weeks for the class to form.

For our less popular classes it may take up to 6-8 weeks.  If you need immediate language
instruction, please check also our affordable private language programs.

Click here to create your own class or learn this language with private instruction.​​

Private Classes​​
Bary Institute offers private lessons to individuals, families and small groups. This provides a one-on-one or small group learning environment at a scheduled time convenient for you. All courses and levels are offered for all ages. Private lessons are very goal-oriented. The student decides what the instructor will teach. Lessons are usually taught in two hour sessions. Exceptions must be discussed with the instructor.

Personalized, highly effective language instruction - Learn it quickly!
Learn at your own pace
Private instruction can achieve the same results 1.5 to 2 times faster compared to a group setting. 
Private lessons are geared toward the needs of the student. You only learn what you need to learn.
No more missed classes
Is your life busy? Private instruction will work around your busy schedule.
Flexibility with time and meeting location
Our language instructors will meet you at a convenient time and at a convenient location.
They will even come to your office or house. No more time lost in traffic.

According to recent studies, students of foreign languages score statistically higher on standardized tests conducted in English. 
Additionally, students of foreign languages develop a broader understanding of their own and other cultures and seem to be more creative and flexible.
Give your children and young adults the ability to meet new challenges!

Our language instruction aims to provide children and young adults the tools to:
  • understand our global world 
  • become citizens of the world
  • enhance mutual understanding 
  • expand intercultural views
  • increase economic possibilities  
  • improve language and global communication skills

These benefits for the child and teen's future are rationales for schools and parents to increasingly request language instruction at their school, either incorporated in the curriculum or offered as an extra-curricular activity such as before and after school language programs.

Bary Institute, upon request, will offer language instruction in various public and private schools. We serve Preschools, Elementary Schools, Junior High and High Schools not only in Norcross, but also in Duluth, Lilburn, Tucker,Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Rosewell  and other cities in Georgia State.

Preschool/ School Programs

Language Programs for Kids and Teens

Knowing a second language can expand your child's horizon and open the doors of opportunities in a rapidly evolving global society. Children have the innate ability of acquiring a language. Our language classes for children are designed to take full advantage of this ability. 
Give your child the opportunity to develop an enthusiasm for a foreign language. 
Seattle Languages International offers language classes specifically tailored to teach children of all ages. 
Our programs for children have the same high standards as our well-known adult programs.

What type of language instruction do we offer?

Private Language Tutoring
Private tutoring is tailored to the needs and the schedule of your child. 
The private instruction is usually taught at the child's home.
For best results instruction should be taken at least twice per week.

Group Classes - Before & After School Programs
Our Language School has been successfully teaching language programs in various private and public Preschools, Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools. The language programs usually meet twice per week as Before School and After School programs. We also offer mid-day classes in order to accommodate the school's needs.
Our language classes are often requested by interested parents and PTA members who understand the importance of offering language classes at their child's school. 
Parents who are interested in becoming a link between us and the school/other partents are entitled to a reduced or FREE tuition for their child if a new language program with at least 8 students is offered at their child's school. 
Click here to learn more about our current offerings


Substitute Teachers

If your school faces a staff shortage, if your language teacher is sick or if your language staff has a teachers’ training which makes it difficult or impossible for your teacher to attend the class, we can help.
Our substitute language teachers can either teach short term or long term. 
Their teaching assignments range from substituting for a couple of hours to several weeks.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in our services or if you are in need of a language substitute teacher in the Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue – Eastside areas.

Substitute Teacher Request – Form