Bary Institute for Education and Training Services 

❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞
‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

Bary Institute

If you have short term or long term goals,
if you want to learn a language for travel or for academic purposes,
if you need customized and individual language training or tutoring,
if your child, school or company needs language instruction or private lessons 
we can and will deliver the results that you are looking for. 

Programs Offered

Group Classes
Bary Institute offers following programs year round:
  • Group programs in classes of 4 to 12 students
  • Private programs (customized one-on-one instruction)
  • Semi-private programs (for couples, together)
  • immersion programs
  • Corporate Programs
  • Cross-Cultural Seminars

Classes are offered in 6-week sessions and 4-week intensive​​
sessions for immesion programs and summer sessions.
Classes meet evenings or the weekend; some meet daytimes as well.

  • Group classes are ideal for students of all levels and proficiency who like to be in a small group environment and learn in a fast, fun and interactive way.
  • Private programs offer a flexible schedule and a customized curriculum. A minimum of 20 hours of instruction with one or two classes (each 90 or 120 minutes) per week is the suggested module, but dates, times and content can be arranged according to your needs.
  • Classes held either in the Institute or at the client's office are also available. All our language courses are designed to meet internationally recognized levels:​​
​American Council on
the Teaching of Foreign Languages

 Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages


Select our group classes and learn how to speak a foreign language in a small group setting. Trained, predominantly native language instructors, with extensive classroom teaching experience will help you to immerse fully in the language of your choice.
Group classes are ideal for students of all levels and proficiency who like to be in a small group environment and learn in a fast, fun and interactive way.
Private Instruction


Bary Institute offers private lessons to individuals, families and small groups. This provides a one-on-one or small group learning environment at a scheduled time convenient for you. All courses and levels are offered for all ages. Private lessons are very goal-oriented. The student decides what the instructor will teach. Lessons are usually taught in two hour sessions. Exceptions must be discussed with the instructor.
Our classes are taught by the industry’s best instructors who are proven experts in their field, certified in their class topic, and have taught for many years. More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience working for leading companies.

2018 Sessions
Session              Registration Deadline       Start Date                    End Date
FALL I - 2018          August 24                         September 10          October 20
FALL II - 2018         October 16                       October 29               December 15
WINTER I - 2019    December 14                    January 07                February 16  WINTER II - 2019   February 08                       February 25             April 06
SPRING - 2019       March 29                           April 16                     May 25
SUMMER I - 2019   May 17                               June 03                      June 29
SUMMER II - 2019  June 21                              July 08                       August 03
SUMMER III - 2019 July 26                               August 12                  September 07
FALL I - 2019           August 30                         September 16          October 26
FALL II - 2019         October 18                        November 04           December 14

  • Modern Standard Arabic Program (MSA) 
  • Classical Arabic (CA) Program (MSA)
  • Spoken Arabic (Moroccan Dialect) Program (MSA)
  • Conversational Arabic Program (MSA)
  • Business Arabic Program (MSA)
  • Arabic for Native Speakers Program (MSA)
  • Media Arabic Program (MSA)
  • Intensive Arabic Grammar Program (MSA)
  • Arabic for Diplomacy Course Program (MSA)
  • Commercial Arabic Communications Program (MSA)
  • University students and academic research support Program (MSA)

  • French for Beginners
  • French for Intermediate
  • French for Advanced
  • Conversational French
  • Composition French
  • French For Business
  • French For Reading
  • Intensive French Grammar
  • Advanced French composition/ Stylistics
  • Creative Writing
  • French and Francophone Literary/ Discourse Analysis(Maghreb, Sub-Saharan, Caribbean)
  • French For Apprentice Teachers
  • French Cultures and Civilizations
  • French and Francophone Film
  • Maghreb/ North African Literature

  • English Language Program
  • ​English Intensive Program

Corporate Language Instruction

Courses  Available 

In today’s global markets, a company which wants to be successful in markets where other languages are spoken must invest time and money in training its workers in foreign languages. Speaking a foreign language and being culturally aware can sometimes make or break business deals. We are experienced in working with small, mid-size and large corporations and for example non-profit organizations and can offer you a complete range of language and cultural training solutions. We are efficient, cost effective and dynamic.
We train you in various languages and help you understand other cultures in order for you to 
deal with the world!

Bary Kidz and Teens​

How To Register for a Program

Since classes are limited to 12 students, we encourage you to register early. You can register online. Select your program, session and time. For those not able to register online, we will be happy to take registration information by phone, or e-mail [email protected] 
If you are not sure what level is right for you, you can request a placement test by calling our teaching center or emailing us to [email protected]


Knowing a second language can expand your child's horizon and open the doors of opportunities in a rapidly evolving global society. Children have the innate ability of acquiring a language. Our language classes for children are designed to take full advantage of this ability. 
Give your child the opportunity to develop an enthusiasm for a foreign language. 
Bary Institute offers language classes specifically tailored to teach children of all ages. 
Our programs for children have the same high standards as our well-known adult programs.

Request Free
Placement Test


- Tuition for the Arabic program at each level of proficiency is $299( 6 weeks; 12 Hours including materials; Regular pace)

- Tuition for the Arabic program at each level of proficiency is $419( 6 weeks; 18 Hours including materials; Semi- intensive pace)
- For the Arabic Intensive/ Immersion program, please contact our teaching center at [email protected]

​- Tuition for the Arabic children program is $299 (10 Hours of instruction)
- Tuition for private classes is from $45/hour.

There is a non-refundable $35 registration fee for first-time students only.

Our Guarantee

Because of the individualized nature of our programs and the high quality of our instruction, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of instruction, you may request a refund of your tuition in full. 

Registration and late fees are non-refundable. Refund requests must be made within the first week of a 6-week program, or the first four days of a 4-week program.

For immersion programs, refund requests must be made no later than the third day of the program. Refunds will be processed and paid within thirty days.

Please note that failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal.

In the case of fewer than 6 students per class, the Institute may choose to offer other options, as the schedule allows.