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Professional Translation Services​​​

Bary Institute offers Translation of legal documents: Birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, prenuptial agreements, divorce decrees, legal contracts, and more…

English Courses are designed to give you the language skills to live, work, study in an English-speaking environment
The reason for learning a new language are varied, but the importance of learning new languages is universal: it will always benefit you in one way or another 

​​​​" At Bary Institute, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our students by providing uniquely enriching language programs in English and foreign languages for academic, professional, cultural and social purposes. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service through cultural sensitivity and respect for our community of students, faculty, staff members, and educational partners. 
Our belief is that our broad language services will help spread education, cultural awareness, global communication, and will create a community which promotes respectful interactions among people of the world.
Our communicative approach to language acquisition will have you speaking a new language from your first day of class. Grammar is learned in the context of communication and practical vocabulary builds with each class as your teacher facilitates your learning. Bary teachers are qualified, have lots of experience, and are native speakers of the languages they teach.
Small classes have a maximum of 6 students and you will feel welcome and encouraged in our modern facility. Whether you want to learn another language for an upcoming trip abroad, for your work, or to communicate with international friends and family, Bary can help you achieve your goals"

Course Options
​​​Easy, flexible, engaging language learning.
Whatever your course type, our experienced native speaking instructors use immersion methods to get you to speak a language in no time
    Interactive & dynamic. Perfect to practice with other learners. Average of 12 learners per class. Convenient timings available.
    Course fully customized to fit your personal learning needs. Flexible delivery – you decide when & where.
    Fun, interactive and engaging lessons, for ages 3 yrs-16 yrs. Delivered in small groups to ensure individual attention.
    Tailor-made sessions for you & your team. Up to 3 learners. Flexible delivery – you decide when & where.